Editing location terrain below the model


I’ve created a model of my house for school, and the last step is to place it on its real-world location. I’ve added the location area Geo-Location, and moved my model to correct place.

My problem is that the terrain is not flat, so when I make Location Terrain visible in Tags, my model is mostly below the terrain. I moved my model up the Z axis, but now I have most of the model floating above the terrain, and I don’t know how to model terrain so that it’s connected to my model.


What would a real house look like on the real terrain? Likely there’d be a foundation set into the ground or the terrain would be leveled where the house sits. Do the same thing in your SketchUp model. If you are modifying the terrain, you will probably need to unlock it first.

The thing is parcel was levelled before building, so our house has flat foundation. I can make foundation higher on two sides to make it look like it sits on the terrain, but that isn’t how it looks in reality.

What I would like to know is if there’s tool or a extension for SketchUp which will let me model terrrain geometry, so I can “stretch” it and move it to the model.

You can use the Sandbox tools to modify the terrain.

Start here: Help Search | SketchUp Help

As @DaveR says, use the ‘Stamp’ tool within the Sandbox tools. Here’s an example of how it works using just the house footprint as basis for the grading:

You can try adjusting the terrain with SandBox Smoove tool, or you can buy Artisan that has sculpt tool–or Vertex tools that has similar actions.–if you want an extension.

Whether these are necessary, and the best approach depends on your situation. It sounds like you are saying that your house is on a level lot but the add location terrain doesn’t reflect this sort of detail (which I think is usual). It’s possible to simply open the terrain group and move vertices up and down. You can lock movement in the z axis and reference another vertex for a level alignment. You’d probably have to re-texture if you want to see the snapshot on the terrain. Alternately select a portion of the terrain to rework and replace, and don’t disturb the geometry and image outside of this space for your lot.

I often select geometry of an imported terrain using edges that are already in the mesh. I keep the boundary as-is so that the part that I am working will always fit in the surrounding terrain. Just beware that using SandBox Smoove etc. you can move the boundary by mistake.