How to deactivate and/or uninstall previous SU versions?


I just downloaded SU 2024 and it won’t be operational because SU 2023 and 2022 are on the computer. I have a yearly educational subscription.

How to I deactivate or uninstall the previous versions?

Many thanks!

RLB in Brooklyn

If you open each, click the little button at the top and sign out, that should free up a sign in for 2024. If that fails, go to manage subscriptions and deactivate all devices.

After you have signed out in 2022 and 2023, you may still need to sign out and then sign in with 2024.

2022 has serious problems with Sonoma, so you may not use that much in the future. You could keep 2023 signed in, in case there is anything in 2024 that behaves in an unexpected way. No need to delete the old versions, other than to free up a little bit of SSD space.


I get this message below:

I’ve signed out of 2023, by going to the personal icon and signing out. Still get the message when trying to open SU 2024.

When I go to ‘Manage Activations’, I don’t see where I can do that.


Screenshot 2024-04-20 at 6.55.34 AM.jpeg

If you signed out from 2023, you would still need to sign out from 2024. Then when you sign in there is an available activation for 2024 to use.