Cannot uninstall 2023 from Windows 11

I own one license of 2024 Pro. I had it installed on my desktop and on my laptop for home use with no issues. Yesterday, I downloaded the most recent update to 2024 and then received the “too many activations” error message when installing it on my desktop. I then deleted 2024 from both devices, then was able to delete 2023 from my desktop.

I cannot delete 2023 from my laptop though. I keep receiving the “the file does not have an app associated…” error. I created an association per advice from other posts. I also made sure I deactivated all installs. Nothing I try is working. How do I delete 2023 so that I can reinstall 2024 on both devices?

The number of activations is connected to the number of copies of SketchUp you have signed into. If you use the uninstaller to remove an older SketchUp, it would also sign you out from that version. If you delete SketchUp some other way, then you are still signed in.

You’ve had a Pro subscription for a while, and may well still have SketchUp 2021 and 2022 installed. Open each of those and sign out, then you can close them. You also could open 2023 and sign out from that as well. Do that for both devices, and by then you will have freed up enough activations that you can sign in to 2024 on both devices.

When you have signed out from the old versions, you will most likely still have to sign out, then sign in again to 2024, for it to pick up one of the activations you have freed up.

Another approach is to follow this article:,your%20changes%20have%20been%20completed.

After going into your account and deauthorizing all devices, you then only need to sign out and sign in to 2024, the sign-ins for the older versions will have been taken care of.

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You don’t need to delete 2023 so you can install 2024, you can actually have both.

If you can’t use the uninstaller, I imagine at some point you have deleted a tempory folder, perhaps via some overzealous “PC CLEANER” type application and have deleted the uninstallers files.

I’ve seen a couple of people say they’ve had luck using this 3rd party uninstaller in these cases

I signed out of everything and deleted all older versions. I previously followed that exact attachment you sent too~ Thank you.

Adam, thanks for the Geek.exe app. It worked perfectly, I think.

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