How to cut, or push a vertical hole through an angled plane?

I am trying to push a vertical hole through this angled plane. The purpose of the hole is to pass a screwdriver through it to access the screw below. I tried projecting a guide through the angled plane from the center of the hole below. Then drawing a circle above the plate. I then rotated that circle to be horizontal and pushed it through the plate. But it did not merge with the plate and I could not simply erase the surfaces I didn’t want. What am I doing wrong?

The angled plate is grouped and when I try to create the hole I om working within the group.

Does the side of the hole need to be angled relative to the faces of the plate? If not, just edit the group, draw a circle and use Push/Pull. If you need the hole’s wall angled, draw a cylinder inside the group (think of the cylinder as a drill) and use Intersect Faces to intersect the side of the cylinder with the top and bottom faces. Delete the cylinder and the faces skinning over the hole.

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Ahhhh that worked perfect dave, thank you. Yes the hole needed to drill through the plate on an angle.

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