Angled Circular Faces

I have struggled with this seemingly simple problem long enough. The smaller through hole is angled to match the surface. I need the surface of the countersink seat to match this angle as well. I guess the reason I cannot figure this out is related to the fact I cannot even describe it in words. :frowning: Hope this picture helps. Help appreciated.

Draw the hole cutter as a two-stage object with the two diameters and some extra length. Then place it as required for the slant and use either Intersect Faces with or a Solid Tool to subtract it from the slab. This was done using the BoolTools2 version of Difference, but the idea is the same for the other Solid Tools sets.


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Not sure how the “two-stage” process works. Are you referring to two concentric circles of different diameters?


Part of your description to me seems to contradict other parts.

Is this what you are after:

  • the plate is angled 9 degrees
  • the threated rod is horizontal
    If yes, then the hole also needs to be horizontal.
    Follow @slbaumgartner’s advice and intersect a horizontal hole object with an angled plate.

Finally got it, I think. Pretty embarrassing, hope no one is looking. :blush: Today is another Monday, right? :crazy_face:

Now, off to the shop without a drill press. With a hand drill the setup will be tricky !