How to cut a leg at an angle

This is a very simple question (I think). I have a single parallelepiped that I want to cut at angle, i.e. remove the last 10% at an angle, as in a splayed bench leg. How to do this? I have read 5 descriptions of how to do this. None of them work for me. (To be clear, I am not a dummy (AFAIK), I was a member of the Adobe Illustrator team for years so I know drawing tools but this little trick in Sketchup escapes me).

OK, here is more. Experiment1.skp (18.1 KB). All I want to do is cut the bottom off the leg at an angle. Once I’ve got that I am good to go, The rest of Sketchup I get ( though I am sure there will be other gotchas).
(BTW, if you have any Illustrator questions, please feel free :slight_smile:

Add: I am using Sketchup 17. I am hesitant to upgrade to a newer version before I am sure it will be useful.

I know many people who have worked with Sketchup for more than a decade that wouldn’t dare say that in public.


Both of these solutions ALMOST work. The problem I run into with both of these solutions is that when I delete the “unneeded” parts it deletes one or two other faces as well in the parts I DO want. Not sure how to avoid this.

Time here is well spent.

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Doh! This is the same old thing. Yes, your explanation (especially Box) is completely correct. EXCEPT you skipped the part about deleting the parts with the push/pull tool! Eraser doesn’t work. Once I noticed that in the video, voila! It worked. No blame here. I have written 3012 tutorials (at Adobe and Readium) and somebody always pointed out that I had left out a step… :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your help.

No offense, but no, that is “not how it works”. In tutorials you have be really clear at every step. So there was an implicit step of “Select the Push/Pull too” that I somehow missed. Maybe it as there and I missed it.
Anyway, thanks for all your help.

See this SU file for idea.

Parallelepiped cut at an angle.skp (93.1 KB)

That’s an excellent demonstration. Wish I had seen it 2 days ago. Thanks

@Box, you’re right. That was overweening… :slight_smile: