How to create surface for photoshop?

Hi there

I need to do matte painting and Im a beginner in 3D , especially in PS, and when it comes texturing. I couldn’t find any tutorial or description to my problem. Just watched this tutorial to get a clue, but it doesn’t work by me Tutorial - Use Photoshop CS6 3D Mode to Texture 3D Models - YouTube, although Im using Sketch up Pro, At the moment just to understand, I created a simple cube and exported as obj. I do everything expect the Autodesk part as in the video, but when it comes to “merge down” the layer in PS, the texture disappear First I tried the Photoshop forum and they said

“If you create a model in a third-party program, you have to create a name for each surface you want to apply a texture to. Then in Photoshop you can add the image to the surface for the front face.”

But the Sketch up layers not recognised in Photoshop, at least according to my experience.

any guidance would be appreciated


I just tried some things and it went ok for me. It could be that they meant that each face would have its own unique texture. In SketchUp right click on each face and select Make Unique Texture. Then try the export OBJ to Photoshop.

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Thanks Colin it works =)