Converting a 3D surface (stl mesh) into a 3D SketchUp object

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I have an STL file that represents a 3D surface (without thickness). It is a mesh based on triangles (Over 600,000).

This surface should have a flat base of a certain thickness with opaque faces on the sides in order to present the appearance of a solid object without hole.

I want to be able to use this surface in SketchUp 2019 software to apply a wood texture.

Please tell me the different operations to be performed to achieve this result.


Marcsurface_3D_v2.stl (8.3 MB)

Do the same for every side.

Apply texture with Fredo6 ThruPaint extension

Hello Mihai.s,

Thank you very much for your’s gif files explainations !
I have to leave now but I try this evening.

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