How to create Spanish vase in Sketchup

Hi everyone,
Can someone help to tell how to create vase?

What does a Spanish vase look like?

For what I think of as a vase, I would draw a profile and a circle and use Follow Me.

The main shape can be created with Follow Me. Then you’ll need to add the rest of the details.

I am sorry that I am not aware of Follow me. Is it plugin?

Thank you dear, I just checked online and found out the follow me is a tool. My issue is when I trace shape using line and arch tool then it is not as one shape

Thank you

I am not able to create profile using arch and line tool

Can someone help me to create the profile?

It depends on the level of detail you’re looking for.
This one was made with the arc and line native tools.

example.skp (2.5 MB)

For certain shapes you need to zoom in and make some tries to check how arc tool behaves.

There are a couple of extensions the ones can help you with this.

  • BezierSpline
  • TIG’s 2D Tools

I recommend not to publish a new post for every single line you want to write, if you want to add some info, edit the previous message.

You maybe should take a look some tutorials about native tools. Ask if you’re insterested because I’m not sure if you don’t want to invest time in this step.

Thank you for your advice.

Depending on your needs, it might be just as useful to make it a 2D component set up to always face the camera.


Thank you Sir but I need to create 3d model of the vase, I am preparing visual packing instruction how to pack this vase for traveling exhibition as well as exhibition layout.

Use the face of a rectangle to draw your profile on it to keep the edges on the same plane. When the profile edges are closed on a flat plane they’ll form a face. To use follow-me you use a circle as the path so your profile is rotated into a circular shape. Work on this a little and post your results, or questions you have.

Thank you, I will try and post the result.

visual of what has been suggested.
The detail may not need to be too much for the purposes you need it for?


Yet another clever use of SketchUp I had never heard of before.

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Thank you, very useful indeed.
Sorry for late reply. I am in Malaysia and due to time difference I couldn’t reply you immediately.

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