How to connect arcs so curved surface is created

How do I “fill in” (for lack of a better word or phrase) the areas between these arcs to create what I want to look like a cupboard knob?
Sketchup knob

Consider using the Follow-Me tool for this, as it can create the knob in one go. Just draw a profile floating above the center point of a circle path.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 14.24.19

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 14.24.24

This approach also allows for very easily going back to the profile and making changes.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 14.24.46

Here’s the Sketchup Fundamentals course on Follow-Me. The course is an essential starting point, if you haven’t been through it already or if you’ve been away from the app for a while.

On the subject of Follow-Me-ing with circles, here is a nice Skill-Builder on just that topic.


Thank you so much. I will play around with Follow Me tool. And if there is a module/tutorial on Follow Me in the Fundamentals course, I look forward to that. Just haven’t got to that one yet. Am working my way through the tutorials one by one, slowly.

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What would you suggest is the most efficient way to draw this cornice/crown moulding around the perimeter of a room? I don’t know if the FOllow Me tool will work here due to the alternating castellated blocks within.

SketchUp cornice example

With Follow Me tool and Copy along curve plugin

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Use FollowMe to create the moulding, then Move/Copy a rectangle along the lower front face for the castellations.

Then use PushPull to cut out the hole (or alternatively to raise the bumps), and PushPull again with a double click for each other cutout or bump in turn.

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Wow thank you for illustrating this for me. I’m afraid I am very much a beginner. How do I find the Copy Along Curve plug in? Is this what the Bool Tool is?

Thank you, but to copy so many rectangles along the face would be quite time consuming, no?

The push/pull tool I thought for sure the way to go but that also seems time consuming for each individual rectangle to be bumped out.

Do you think it is easier and more efficient to draw this outside of the model I am working on, and then just move it into place? (I am drawing the cornice of a room which already has a number of elements running up to the ceiling and therefore, could be quite confusing to draw so much on top of each other)

No. Not really. Use the linear array feature of Move/Copy. Move the first copy the desired distance, press Enter and then type x n where n is the number of additional copies required. You could make a long run of the molding with the dentil detail and then copy it and use it to make the various parts kind of like you’d do it in reality.

You might also look at Profile Builder 3. It would make quick work of extruding that molding around the room.

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Not necessarily, in fact, normally, you work in place, but for that you must have already learned about groups/components and layers (tags).

Plugin link - Copy along curve
To make learning SketchUp easier, get used to using google search, both for plugins and tutorials.

Use Solid Tools, which is included in SketchUp Pro, instead of BoolTools.

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I would use a texture for the “dents”.