Angle Cut-outs in a 3D Shape

I created a shape by drawing a half-profile and then using “Follow Me”:


I want to create a similar effect, but with the cutouts at an angle:


I can’t use the profile/Follow Me method because the profile is not symmetrical. I figured the way to do it is to start by creating a solid shape, then creating “cutting” objects and using Intersect Faces:

Is this the best way of dong it, or are there any alternatives?



You need more ‘Solid’ tools like trim but they are not available in the free web version, only Outer Shell. This won’t help much.

You may benefit from rotating your combined object, or better, just the view on screen, to make selecting geometry easier. What needs to be deleted will be horizontal.

Rotate the drawing axes, having the green axis perpendicular to the rectangles. Then right click on an axis and select ‘Align View’ in the context menu and create a scene with these axis.

Having the vase in this slightly rotated position makes selecting and deleting easier.

added image:

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I find it easier than intersect faces…


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I knew there had be something smart that could be done with that tool here. Just didn’t take the time to find out.
And with ‘Intersect Faces’ it helps in what context you apply it.

If you turned the slices insideout you delete the excess rather than fill in the faces.

@Box, can you show what you mean, using the ‘Outer Shell’ tool?

I can get the desired result, keeping the faces inside the vase slices, with the right workflow with just the two groups: vase and rectangular slicers. Not with the ‘Solid’ tool.

Sorry @g.h.hubers I wasn’t looking closely, haven’t really checked this thread out.
I simply responded instinctively to the gif, in my mind an intersection of the slices and the shape would work better as you could remove the external excess with a swipe or two then select and delete the faces easily and have filled solid slices left without having to trace all the edges to get the faces to form.
I wasn’t considering any form of solid tool.

Here’s a real rough one done with intersect only and removing excess. Creates a solid complete with internal support. Mind you the top left slice is a floater, so not designed very well.

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My solution would be: two groups, a vase (V) and the rectangular slicers (S)
S faces inside/out as per your tip

  • inside group S > select all > intersect faces with model
  • inside S delete unwanted geometry, keeping only the oval slices (having correct face orientation)
  • inside S select all > cut to clipboard
  • inside V use ‘Past in Place’
  • Inside V delete unwanted rings

All without my coffee getting cold, in fact less hot.

My first post was (lazy as I may be) focused on how to make selecting geometry easier.
But I’ve noticed that you tend to focus on the smartest/shortest overall workflow, which is good. That will keep us sharp.

p.s. I used a vase without its central piece.

I actually had the center core as part of the slices, so after the intersect with the ‘vase’ I just had to delete all outside with two fence selections then delete the unneeded faces. I used no grouping in this case until finished.
I can’t demo now, have a drive ahead and a busy day tomorrow.

That’s more than okay. My “work” now is just messing around with the web version ( :open_mouth: posponing the real world’s work / =installing stuff in the new house).
I’m impressed what that web version can do. But is tough interface to learn for an old mule like me, knowing the desktop version inside out.
Thanks for sharing. (Don’t waste anymore time on this just for some mules)

I had a sec, needed to wait for the traffic to drop off a bit.
Here is my take on it, done on the desktop but nothing here can’t be done on the free web version.
Easy enough to make the slices, just two angled planes intersected with a cylinder, arrayed.

Now I’ll drive to my boat.


Thanks for all the suggestions.

I’m going to start wading through them all now.

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