How to Create Realistic Glossy Plastic

Hi Guys, I have the following creation of a Hang Up Bag.

But, as you may be able to tell, the plastic bag part is all too non-realistic. I would like to add more ‘gloss’, and make it look more like a plastic bag when rendered.

Would anyone kindly be able to help myself to create more realistic plastic?

You are going to have to render it in order to get it looking realistic. You could add a photo texture of an actual bag in SketchUp but it’s still going to look a little rough around the edges.

What’s your budget for this? Render software starts at ‘free and easy’ to mighty’ expensive and difficult’ but of course more powerful.

Maybe try with Kerkythea as it’s free before looking at something like Twilight or Podium. (<£150)

If you want better results then you can look further at Thea or Vray. (<£1000)

If you want to graduate to Pro tools then that’s a minefield depending on what you are trying to do but they get very expensive very quick. (+£1000).

Method 1:
You could use clothworks to make a realistic bag mesh, then use Twilight Render V2 to render it.

Tips and tricks on realistic rendering:

Method 2:
You could also project a texture of a bag (with reflections) onto a low poly handmade mesh. Just divide a couple planes into squares and move stuff around until it looks like a bag. Believe it or not, you can create some pretty realistic gloss and shine in SketchUp by placing textures so they look like a reference object. It probably won’t be photorealistic, but people will definitely know that it’s a bag.

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