How to create nose cone on craft?


I down loaded a robot STL file and it is not friendly to 3D printing so I decided to create it in Sketchup and I can’t figure out how to make the odd shaped egg that is the nose cone. The upper half has a different radius than the bottom. I have been stretching a sphere but I can’t seem to get the center offset like the nose cone. Thanks for help - pictures attached.



Thanks a lot. I don’t do this kind of fun stuff often. Really appreciate your help. It was bugging me and I knew it was simple.


One thing to notice is that the selection of the bottom half is done by dragging from left to right. A right to left drag would also select the faces that are above the middle.


You could scale that last selection without grouping it too…if you wanted to simplify even more?


Habit! :slight_smile: Usually I create groups when drawing something.


Considering there isn’t a radial pattern in the nose cone geometry, I think the 3D modeler might’ve used subdivide to make the ellipsoid shape. Also, you can use an extension called “tools on surface” to draw window shapes on the surface, then use joint push/pull to extrude the window shapes inwards.

It needs to have faces intersected, then the extension Solid Inspector 2 can help you find out why it’s not a solid component and fix most of the problems for you.


Forestr - Thank you so much! Yes, I wasn’t sure how I was going to tackle the windows. I use Solid Inspector 2 all the time and especially when I know it is something that will be printed in 3D. VENTING - The person who generated this robot did a terrible job of it with shapes just going through each other and there are even pieces that look like they are attached but are in fact floating in space. I’m having fun doing this so I shouldn’t complain. Thanks again. You saved me a lot of time.


Mihai.s suggestion helped but I feel like I am still not getting it. I almost don’t care about the robot and more interested in just solving this. The robot’s cone appears to flatten more at the top from the front and from the side view the nose curves more angled across the top and not as rounded, but as I stretch to flatten the top it widens and then I bring it back in on the sides and it rounds it up at the top. It all still isn’t quiet right. What am I missing?


You could use another technique, with Curviloft plugin.
Draw the exact paths you want using Bezier splines and then create surfaces