How to create faces flat sketchup without bends

The idea is to create a lamp, but I can not avoid these breaks that come out in the faces of more
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how to create faces flat in objects 3d to fold in foil


Lampara.skp (29.5 KB)

It’s a matter of simple geometry. In order to make a flat face, all the edges must lie on the same plane. This isn’t unique to SketchUp. The same applies in reality, too. You can move vertices to get them all coplanar. although I would be more inclined to redraw the thing to make that work.

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Thank you
How can I move vertices that I could not do?

Open the group for editing and use the Move tool. Don’t select anything before getting the Move tool. Then you can grab and move a vertex. As to where you want to move it, that’ll take some figuring out.

This is one way to do it. In the screen shot, above, I’ve drawn a rectangle that lays on top of the shade (it’s outside the group.) The red line is parallel to the edge as the bottom of the shade. The next step would be to open the group for editing and move the vertex along the guideline to the red line.

Then trace an edge with the Line tool and the face will fill. If you don’t want the top face, you’ll need to delete it.

I think the hardest part of this sort of thing is figuring out how to identify where that corner needs to go.The best thing is to construct it in space with additional geometry and guidelines.

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if it is difficult because no matter how much I move the vertice, the only face is not created :frowning:

It won’t be created just because you’ve moved the vertex. You need to trace one of the edges with the Line tool after you’ve moved the vertex to the right location.

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I can not replicate the same :frowning:

How about setting it up like I did. place a rectangle at the top so you have a planar reference. You can’t use the bottom edge of the opening as a reference because it isn’t parallel with the top. I use the left edge of the opening as the reference. The guideline at the right end of the red line is parallel to the left edge of the opening and intersects that bottom right corner.

I never did use the Protractor tool as you are trying to do.

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Thanks @DaveR almost died in the attempt Jajajajaj
I had success

I don’t have the software available to do a screen recording now, but the approach I’d recommend is to first draw a diagonal so you have 2 faces (with a small angle in between). Then make sure nothing is selected and activate Move tool. With Move tool, hold the mouse over an edge that doesn’t bind any of the 2 faces you want to merge, but connects to the corner of such a face. Hold down Shift, still without pressing the mouse, to lock move tool to the line of that edge. Then click the endpoint where the edge connects to the face, and move the mouse onto the other of the two faces. This moves the endpoint to where the line of the edge intersects the plane of the face. Click the face to position the endpoint there. At last, remove the line between the two faces.

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