Flatten face


How to flatten face? So how to make this in one face not in two? When I delete middle line i cannot make face.

Is there any free extensions for that or something?

krov.skp (165.1 KB)

Being a simple plane you could draw it again using the rectangle tool, lock it to draw on the plane pressing the down arrow or holding shift while you’re on a surface of the geometry, there are extension to flatten faces, I use vertex tools, it’s not free but it’s totally worth it buying, it has a free trial period though, you can try it.

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I suppose you could use the line tool with the “on face” inferencing.
Flag flatten


It begs the question, Flatten in what way?
It is simple to move the endpoint on the green axis to align with the red axis therefore creating a flat face, but that isn’t appropriate if the position of the corners is specific.
We would need more info to give a full answer, but here is a version of moving one corner vertex with inference.
GIF 23-11-2023 11-28-33 PM


Thank you guys for helping!

Box was faster while I was answering but you can click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

krov - JL.skp (167.9 KB)