How to create chamfers on odd shapes


There are many ways, some better than others for specific shapes.
The most basic is to simply use the move tool.
Here I have moved down on the blue axis, then up on the blue axis. I used the up arrow to make it move on the blue axis.


Thanks! This is a cool trick. How about making fillets instead of chamfers?

@DaveR gave you a link to some of the basic video tutorials, did you look at them yet? One of them discusses the Follow Me tool.
Here it is in action.


Hi @Box , why are the edges are smoothed automatically when you moved faces/edges up&down to create the chamfer?

A quirk of fate, perhaps. Maybe because it’s part of a circle in this case. Can’t say I have spent much time contemplating why to be honest.
Who knows what the gods of su plan at any given time.

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You’re right, after some testing :face_with_monocle: I just came to a conclusion that if you draw a circle, extrude it, then create those chamfers and that automatic soft&smooth effect happens. (It doesn’t matter if you break the circle with lines afterwards, same thing happens! -partially- However this doesn’t happen with arcs.)

It’s still weird though. :flying_saucer:

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How should I specify the radius of the fillet to a specific value?
How can I change the radius of the fillet to a different specific value in the future?

How can I make the chamfer only on the cylinder edge, but not on the straight edge?

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