Chamfer/fillet on turtle sandbox?

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How do you create a chamfer or a fillet on the turtle sandbox?


Can you show a picture of what you are (or your student is) trying to model?

Hi Dave,

Here is the file. Thanks!

Turtle 6.skp

So is it really a round over that is wanted? In any case, I guess I would approach this as shown below. The edge profile can be changed to suit.

Here I’ve copied the outlines of the turtle body up to use them for Follow Me paths and I’ve drawn profiles for the edge treatment. I placed them above the paths so I could keep the paths. If the profile face is touching the path, the path is consumed in the extrusion with Follow Me. Make sure the profiles are aligned vertically.

After running Follow Me for the inside and the outside paths, we have this:

Use the Line tool to connect points between the inside profile and outside. I’ve shown those line segments highlighted. After the second line is drawn in, the face should be filled in between the extrusions. Those crossing lines can then be erased.

The same needs to be done on the bottom and the internal vertical faces deleted. Then the bottom face can be extruded downward to create the height.

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This was really helpful, Dave! As a former autodesk user, I have found many functions much easier to use with Sketchup. However, the steps required to create chamfers and/or fillets are extremely time consuming.

I appreciate you walking me through these steps. Have a nice weekend!

Glad that was helpful. FWIW, there are easier ways to do what I did there in the desktop version. I went with the native tools that are available in the free SketchUp web version.