How to create arc between 3 points

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I’m new to the live components thing, I just wanted to see if someone could help me figure out (if possible), how to create an arc between 3 points using Trimble Creator?


Actually don’t worry think i figured it out by using the circle node and finding the circumradius of the ‘triangle’ created by the 3 points.

Or at least i’m on the right path, but something needs fixing (supposed to be a complete circle:

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I’m interested to see your graph for calculating the radius of the circumcircle of the triangle.
See which calculation method you have opted for to calculate the center of the circle. :question:

Good morning
I managed to find the center of the circle with the centroid method. It remains to find the correct angles for the beginning and end of the circle.
I hesitate to calculate the total angle and then do a rotation.
The angle between node returns the lowest value and not necessarily the correct one, we will have to calculate the normal and then do a test on the dot product to know if we take the angle or 180-the angle.
But that’s for tomorrow.


Here is my latest version:

Some configurations still need to be corrected by adding tests
For now, works for points ABC where A is the furthest point from the origin.
For the moment, the transformation of the circle only takes into account the rotation around the Z axis in the case of 3 points belonging to a plane parallel to the XY plane.

A little help to improve! :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I simplified my calcs down, as one of the 3 points I need the arc drawn through was evenly spaced in the x plane I found I could use the formula here: Art of Problem Solving .
As point 2 for me was evenly spaced between, it formed a nice right angled triangle that i could use to calculate everything from and work out the angles using trig. (note. snip below is only using a curve between points, I’m yet to ‘bugfix’ my other method)

I had a quick look at your component and it looks great :smiley:. Streets ahead of where i’m currently up to! I will have to investigate the centroid method.

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Can anyone help me why this formula won’t work in the expression node?

it returns “insufficient operands (+,-,*,…_) in formula”
Upon removing the brackets inside the sqrt formular to this: (a*b*c)/sqrt(a+b+c*b+c-a*c+a-b*a+b-c)
I get this: "invalid string operation: / "

Is there a wiki or some documentation for this that goes through everything?