Conical cylinder

I don’t seem to be able to find a way to create a conical cylinder. Am I missing something? It’s not in the cylinder shape and loft only does surfaces. Got any ideas?

Make a cilinder and scale one end about center…

This is for Trimble Creator. How can I get a hold of the top circle so that I can scale it? I tried “get primitive” but that doesn’t work. Ideally, this should be implemented in the cylinder node or the extrude mesh node.

Yeah, easy to do this manually in SketchUp. But I am trying to do this in Creator.

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Hello Alex
This is the graph to transform a cylinder in cone
cylinder to cone
use a test of z if z=0 then x=x else x=0 , the same for y


Thanks, @simjoubert! That works well.

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Hi! Currently there isn’t a “cone” node - I’ll add it into our feedback/request funnel.

Whilst I’m here as well, are there any other “Creation” nodes that you would like to see? As of today the list is: Box, Circle, Cylinder, Line, Locator, Points, Point Grid, Rectangle, Sphere, and Tetrahedron.

And as always “101 different ways to do the same thing”, here’s another way you could make a cone currently: Trimble Creator


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I am wondering if you could modify the cylinder node to have a lower and an upper diameter. That would allow for cylinders, cylindrical cones, and cones to be created with the same node.

Some other shape needs/ideas:

  • 2D pie or arc to allow for fillets etc.
  • I am wondering if you may want to add a different kind of sphere, too. I noticed that the current sphere doesn’t clean up well when merged with a cylinder (becasue the segments don’t line up). Maybe add a “SketchUp” type sphere, too.
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Good point! We will have to have a look and see how cylinders are currently created to see how easily this could be implemented, but I’ll note it down on the feedback ticket.

An arc can be created via a circle node by altering the end angle input when it is set to be either a polyline or a mesh (type input). Though I imagine other simple methods of creating arcs could be handy as well (3-point arcs, etc).

Similar to arcs, if a sphere is set to be either a “columns & rows” or “CSG” sphere (type input), one can get a more “SketchUp-y” sphere. Adjusting the angle inputs of the “column & rows” sphere in particular can give you semi-spheres and other leaf/feather/orange slice shapes.

Here’s a very simple example of both: Trimble Creator

Have a close look at the inputs of the sphere set to “columns & rows” as the columns and rows inputs can allow you to adjust the segments of the sphere to line up nicely to a cylinder.

It will be usefully and nice to have a 3dText tool for Christmas gift !
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