How to create an animation that includes a photo match? Like an HGTV Reno before and after

Is there a way to create an animation with the photomatch image where scene one is the Photo (before) and then the photo fades or slides away to reveal the Virtual After- the model I created? I know my clients expect HGTV (sigh) and I think I can get pretty close with photo matching and animation - I’m just getting stuck with how to turn off the photo for some scenes and how to phase it out.

In styles under the match photo section there is a slider for the opacity of the “match photo” , both the foreground and background.

If in you first scene you have the foreground photo opacity up to 100% have the second scene with it down to 0% and when the animation happens (over the time transition you specify) the foreground image will fade to reveal your model.

Note, you would need to make sure the style box is checked in the scenes palette when you save/update the scenes with these settings.

This would be a working scenario inside of sketchup, but I think you may have better resluts by outputting the various clips and then compositing them in a video editing program (after effects, premier or such). as I would imagine you may want to transition to a rendered image, not just the sketchup model?.

This too could be done in sketchup by importing a rendered image and having it occupy another scene, but You could control more subtle transitions in another program.

Thanks so much! I’ll give this a try.