How to Create a Rectangular Object Blending into a Jagged Rock?

Hello Everyone!

I am trying to build a Rectangular Object Blending into a Jagged Rock. I found jagged rock from the Vray Cosmos. I exploded it and subtracted it with a rectangular cube then added back a cube to get the look as close as possible. Somehow it looks like two separate objects without blending together. In addition, I tried using the move tool to select a partial of the stone, so I could adjust the stone to the shape I wanted. However, it won’t let me do so, instead, it just kept on selecting the entire model with 7000+ entities. :dotted_line_face:


Is there any way to build the object from the reference image with Sketchup, especially the edge between the metal and the stone? If anyone can share a reference SketchUp file with me that would be much appreciated. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Thank you! Sketchup Community.

Here’s a quick attempt using:

  1. Freehand tool to 'fracture the the cube into two pieces.
  2. Soap-Skin Bubble to add a mesh to fill the inside of the split.
  3. Artisan to ‘sculpt’ the inside faces into something more irregular.

Note: I tried Eneroth’s Fractal Terran Eroder but didn’t have success. Possibly could work with more time and effort playing around.


Tried it again - same process but for a block merged with a boulder downloaded from 3DW as you tried before:

Two other methods, one requires Solid Groups and starts from an existing shape/boulder.

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