How to create a clear cross intersection?


New to SketchUp here, and would like to know how to solve a problem: I have two U-beams that cross at 90 degrees and 45 degrees, but I would like to know how to remove the area where the two beams cross each other in Sketchup, so that an object in any of the beams can move freely to the other. I tried to find a “knife-like” tool to no avail. Would appreciate some help here!


Think about how you would make this in reality. Do you want these two channels to be one piece or two different pieces? If one, how would you make the two cross? Or would it be three pieces?

There’s no “knife” tool but you could draw lines to divide faces and use Push/Pull to push away the waste.

You could make a component of one quarter of the intersection, array copy and push pull as needed.
Here’s a quick gif.


Or select all of it and right click intersect faces then delete the excess
or use solid tools
or draw it as you want it.
so many ways.


Way too elegant for a Wednesday night, Shep. :smiley:

It’s probably not so elegant for the 45° intersection.


Wow! All good ways to do that - I’ll try them out tomorrow and would like to thank everyone for the help!

@DaveR - The construction in the middle is what I have in mind

The one on the right is a copy of one of the parts used in the middle. I just dragged a copy of it over to show what it looks like.

To make that I drew one channel and made it a component. I copied it with Ctrl+C and then used the Rotate function of the Move tool to rotate the original 90°. Then Edit>Paste in place pasted a copy in the original position.

Next, I opened one of the components for editing and using the Line tool, drew diagonals across the corners to make the miters. Push/Pull pushed the channel sides down between those diagonals. There were a couple of edges to delete after the Push/Pull operation.

This did leave overlapping geometry in the middle which could be dealt with easily enough. As you can see, there are many ways to arrive at the same point.

So cool how you guys see the same thing being made different ways.
I just love reading post like this and then trying to recreate what I see being done in the gif’s.

I read just far enough to see Shep’s gif and thought wow, what a cool way to do it. Then I went and spent some time trying to do it that way myself. Took me a bit and I learned a few things along the way. Was feeling kind of proud I did it.

Then I come back to the topic to finish reading and see the gif by Box and think, wow why didn’t I think of that. It looks so simple haha.

Both designs shown in the gifs are great and get a beginner like me really thinking about shapes. :slight_smile: