Intersecting components headache

Hi, having used components and groups to create an object is there a way to intersect the entire object and remove groupings/component orientations and alignments etc? Have tried intersecting with model from the context of each component but no joy

Most likel there’s a way but it would be a lot weasier to give you specific directions with the SKP model available.

Dropbox is misbehaving for me :frowning:

How about the 3D Warehouse?

Booth Seating Initial

Basically having put together the double seating model I was just going to draw a partition through it and delete the other half to give a single sided version.

Which one are you trying to modify?

the one showing bottom right
looks like a right mess when shown like that!

Edit>Delete Guides works wonders. :wink:

Make the components in that bench unique so you don’t modify the instances in the others. Then I expect you’ll find it easier to just edit the components, draw vertical lines and use Push/Pull to get rid of the waste. If you want to cut the components with Intersect faces, draw a vertical rectangle as a cutting plane, cut it to the clipboard and then open the components that need cutting one at a sime, use Edit>Paste in place to paste the cutting plane, followed by Intersect Faces. Then erase the side you want to get rid of.

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Thanks Dave, big help; all done and I can finally go home!

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I think that IF (an important IF) the subcomponents and groups are all solids, you can use Outer Shell to generate the faces and edges which define the outermost parts of the composite object.

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