When intersecting, Only getting the intersected Component

Hi there, so I was doing a simple job that turned out to be a nightmare. I was asked to intersect a sphere with certain widths. I made the sphere and some parallelepipeds with the correct widths I wanted to get from the sphere. But then I add the Erase all excess of the sphere and the parallelepipeds… I there any way to intersect and only get the models of the intersection?Sphere.skp (1.1 MB)

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PS: Any question about the english just answer I’ll try to explain it better… :slight_smile:

You are working on too small a scale. I tried to make the intersection using Edit/Intersect Faces. Some of the edges returned are only 0.014mm, and this is too small for SU to handle. Many faces are just missing.

Try again, after scaling everything up by at least 100x.

Do you need so many faces in the sphere? It takes a long time to perform the intersection.

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Your profile indicates you are a SketchUp Pro user, so you should have access to the Solid Tools:

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Your sphere is made of wedges, is that correct or do you just want it to be a sphere?
Without the wedges.

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And if you have Pro, install the plugin Trim and Keep. It works much better than the solid tools, keeping original component names rather than creating groups all called Difference.

Make your sphere into a component, and the parallelepipeds into instances of a component too. Before doing so, correct the many reversed faces on them - click on a single correctly oriented face (the visible vertical edges are ok) then R-click and Orient Faces.

And if you have trouble drawing a sphere, try the plugin from Sketchucation Plugin Store SU Parametric Shapes - from here

This is what I got, without scaling, after Intersect Faces, and cleaning up the surplus:

It’s probably NOT what you want. But if the sphere is as Box says made up of wedges, that would make it more understandable.

CORRECTION - size isn’t the issue. I misread 0.014m as millimetres

And as usual, Box gets there with an elegant animation

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Thanks John and Box! Really solved the problem! And you were so fast too ^^

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