How to correct hole in mesh?



There is a hole in my mesh and I do not know how can I correct it. I used sendbox to create this mesh but something went wrong.test.skp (2.3 MB)

This should be hill.


This post and its file to delete…

test.skp (2.3 MB)


Viewed with Hidden Geometry ON and in Monochrome mode it is perhaps clearer.
There’s a lot ‘hidden’… and the textured material obscures everything…

Some of your vertices result in overlapping geometry in the mesh… with gaps…
You need some extra edges, and some vertices moved…
Having hidden [smoothed] lines is likely to cause confusion !


Well… The mesh is torn in lots of places, but I patched the section that you pointed out:
First I deleted these planes…

…and drew a couple lines to close up the hole to the left…

Then I deleted these planes to the right…

…and drew these lines in…

…and then one more line on the backside…

…BUT… As @TIG Pointed out, there is a lot more overlapping geometry. I don’t know what your plan is with this mesh, but it’s got some issues beyond this one hole.


One more try, I have finished with two holes and one vertex with is not possible to move on any side.

I work with original file now witch is a bit bigger to be uploaded here.


You need to delete those hidden lines that lap through that surface and “triangulate” the holes.

The issues you are seeing is because you seem to be lapping separate meshes over each other. This does not connect the surfaces, but, as you are seeing, generates a bunch of overlapping geometry. You would be better served by leaving a gap between the surfaces, and connecting them with new geometry.


This happened when I needed to add details to existing mesh with sendbox.

I fixed all reversed faces.

Thank you


Out of curiosity I ran @eneroth3 's face creator on the existing hidden mesh lines and it chewed for a while but eventually came through with this. Loads of non-coplanar perimeters or holes in the mesh. Not sure if you planned on future use of the bigger mesh but it’s pretty damaged. FYI.


The black areas are no present in the mesh. The tool did not succeeded to recreate it.


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