How to copy Scene tab cameras by set amount?

Is there a way to copy scene tab cameras by a set distance? For example if I have two models side by side and want to keep the same view of each, is there a way to copy the camera location across? (I know two work arounds would be to use layers and keep the models in the same position, or to create a physical camera and copy it over, but interested if there’s a way to do it using only scene tab camera locations.)

See this topic…

Didn’t @eneroth3 make a plugin for this? This one, I think.

Eneroth’s Camera Memory saves a (one) camera position.
I believe @Jmartlncln wants to move the camera from an existing position to a new position by a set distance.

You can use the advance camera tools and place camera components in the same location relative to the models. After placement, you can look through each and create scenes for each camera.

Oh, I see. I think she made another one, Eneroth Relative Camera, that may be more to the point?

It looks like once you’ve made one camera set up, you can select it and option-move (copy) the camera to a new location. Is there a problem with doing that?

Ya this is the method I know of, was just curious if anyone discovered a way to do it using just the scene tab camera positions instead…

The relative camera plugin seems more like a parenting tool, so you can move your component around and keep the camera with it. Problem is it needs to be attached to a component which is not what I was looking for. More interested in just a really simple scene tab distance offset, and without creating physical cameras. Cheers

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