Fixed camera position



Is there a simple way to copy a camera position in one scene and paste it to another scene?

I don’t use animation much but I have made a simple animation of a piece of cheese being cut and I really want the viewpoint to be static through the sequence of scenes.

The video file is too large to post so I am using Dropbox:

Here is the SU file:
cheese.skp (310.4 KB)

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You can set the desired camera in the model, open the Scenes panel, select a different scene (without activating it!), untick save camera and re-tick save camera. This updates the selected scene’s camera to match the current camera. You can select multi+le scenes as well when doing this.


Yes you can do this from the scenes window.
Only update the camera settings and copy it from one scene to all the others.


Thanks @eneroth3 and @McGordon. Isn’t it simple when you know how? I was thinking I might have to enable Advanced Camera features but I’m glad I didn’t!


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