How to copy lines on to a surface

I have a simple 2D pattern of lines that I would like to “copy” on to the surface of an existing component. I won’t go into my particular goal but imagine I want to make an extrusion shaped like a star in a number of components in my drawing. I have a drawing of the star as a series of lines. I want to select “copy” the lines and “paste” or copy them on to the surface of a number of components. Move and paste doesn’t seem to work because I can t select the target surface once I’ve selected or copied the star. Any ideas?

You need to open the component and then paste on surface.

That works! That was the first thing I tried but as soon as I hit paste the selected surface would appear to go unselected (not shaded pattern). But sure enough, if I drag it over to the surface it does stick to the surface. Thank you!

Put the geometry you want to copy in place over the component. Select the geometry, select Edit>Cut. Then open the component for editing and use Edit>Paste in place instead of just Paste.

That works too. Nice refinement to the solution. Thank you!