Paste component by object`s axis not by it`s boundary

I copy and paste component using ctr c and ctr v (I dont to want to use ctr+m, it does not suit me in the current project) I wish the object to follow my cursor by its axis (they are highlighted at the top of image), but it follows by its boundary (like its highlighted at the bottom part of image)- is it possible to paste component and make it follow the cursos by its axis?

If you select it from the components tray to paste it on your model space, it will be like if you selected from the object origin. On sketchup 2022 and 2023 you can hit ctrl twice before moving an object to clone it and paste it just by clicking wherever you want from the point you choose of the object, but that option was not added to sketchup 2021

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That was very helpful- thank you, I never actually considered adding entities from Components tray.

However I often need to put the object multiple times (for example I`m modelling a building and I need to put multiple objects of same properties like poles, doors, windows etc.) so next question occurs:

  • Is there a way to select the component ONCE and then keep inserting it repeatedly in places where I click?

Repeat Place Component | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

(BTW. it works with group instance too)

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Nice! Thank you for yet another great solution!

You can also select the component from the components tray and place them wherever you want just with one click.