Copying Components/items & their focus

When hovering over a component (or any item), the item is highlight in blue. I copy the component (using "ctrl + c) and paste it (using ctrl + v) but the newly pasted component has a seemingly random point of reference to the curser. Is there a way to easily change this reference point at any point prior to “paste” so that you can paste the component (with the chosen reference point) then you would be able to more easily set it in its place (without having to click to stop moving the component and then re-select the correct reference point and then move it into place).

Use the Move tool with Ctrl and click on the relevant grab point. This will copy move the object from that specific point.
See the small + appear when I tap ctrl, then I click on the corner and move.

If I have to move/copy from an exact point to another point further away, I click on “m” and option key to make the copy, then immediately “o” for orbit - orbit to the exact point I want the copy, then tap “m”. You just have to wiggle the mouse a little and the copy appears right at the exact spot that you want. Before I would waste lots of time moving a copy around until I could guide it to the spot I wanted.

Your profile implies you are using Windows. There’d be no Option key. Ctrl would invoke the Copy function of the Move tool.

Are you using a 3-button mouse?

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Yes, I am using one with left, right, and a wheel.

Then there’s no need to activate the Orbit tool with a keyboard shortcut. Just press the center mouse button and orbit.

Yes, I’m on windows as my profile says and I press “control.” Thanks, I will start pressing on the wheel for orbit. That’s even quicker.

If you press Ctrl twice after activating the Move tool you can place copies of the object wherever you click in the model space, too.

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This is a fundamental of sketchup. Using the move tool and ctrl (or the mac equivalent) attaches the copy to the cursor, and it attaches at the point that you choose, you can then move around, orbit, pan, zoom, make a coffee, and then click on the point you want to place the copy and it is done.

One of the things people misunderstand is they think they can just hover somewhere on the object and grab it and then expect it to snap perfectly where they want it.
You have to grab it by the point you want to snap to.


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Unfortunately, these errors will prevent SketchUp from running.

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mohon error ini arahan-nya

If this is a question, you can find the answer in the link written in your own post.

What does this have to do with the topic of this thread?

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? What operating system? What graphics card?