How to connect two legs in an angle?

Hi everyone,
I’m wondering whether someone can give me some advise how to connect two 3D objects (legs of a swing) so that they showing like an upside-down “V-shaped” object.


PS. I would attach a skp file but I don’t know that that works here.

Hit the reply button, in the message editor that pops up use the 8th button along the top row to upload your SKP to your post… (upward arrow)

I think the forum software may not allow uploads on your first post. You may be able to on the second or third post.


Part2-Frame-01-02-tmp.skp (21.5 KB)

I hope the upload did work (now).

Taking a guess here. I applied the rotate tool to the appropriate inference points of the existing cuts. Is this what you have in mind?

Hip Hip Hurrah,
that’s exactly the solution for my problem.
I used already the Rotator tool but didn’t used it properly (as you has showed)
Many thanks.

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Cool, Click once to set the axis, click second time to set the handle, then move. Also note I used inference to locate the blue axis (or vertical) and that you can use the arrow keys to lock a rotation plane.

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