How to connect waterslide pieces with rotation?


I’m wanting to design a swimming pool and a waterslide. But I wonder what’s the best method to design a realistic waterslide: Enclosed tubes in pieces which connects each other properly and also able to rotate.
Does anyone know how to connect each piece automatic along the path/line or just sticking on the edge of the last piece? And the important thing is: The availability to rotate a piece without moving it off. (See picture below: at the horizontal piece where 2 half pipes are put together)

Here’s a great example what I found but what’s this plugin or something similar?

Thanks in advance!

If you are using Pro and the latest release look for the ‘snaps’ videos. They do exactly what you are looking for (but use pipe sections in the video).

And that video is absolutely using a plugin.

The free version doesn’t allow the installation of plug-ins. It’s possible to do it with native tools though.

Depending on what exactly you want to achieve, for a quick presentation you can use Profile Builder 3

If you want to create it with SketchUp for Web

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I have a pro version and can install plugins fyi

Please correct your forum profile to reflect that, then. And put in the operating system. ‘2023’ is not an operating system.

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