How to color a component?

Can anyone please tell me how to add a color to the hexagons and pentagons in this model ?
Many thanks !!!

test.skp (277.5 KB)

The file you shared is merely a wireframe model comprised of only Edges (lines).
There are no Faces to which you can add color.

Provided the Edges meet certain conditions, SketchUp will create a Face if you trace over one of the Edges, endpoint-to-endpoint, with the Line tool.

When a Face fails to form, it’s because one or more of these conditions haven’t been met.

• The Edges form a closed loop.
• All the Edges are coplanar.
• No stray Edges, coplanar with the closed loop, project inside the loop.
• The Edges are not too short, say <.002" in length.

Many thanks Geo !!! I’m very new to this and your help again is very very appreciated !!!

For those 2 faces shown in the animation it worked but for others it doesnt work just with the pencil. Any ideas what i could do ?

Unfortunately the potential lower facets of your form are not planar.
This fixes it by straightening off each pentagon into a quad and dividing the lowest hexagons horizontally, so they can form faces…

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Just as @TIG said, the Edges are not coplanar.

In this image I’ve rotated the geometry such that one of the hexagons in question is aligned with the ground plane as best as can be.

Notice the difference in the the last (z) coordinates.
They should all be 0"

A watermark in the file indicates the original author was fellow Sage, TaffGoch, master of geodesic construction.
Might you have inadvertently edited the geometry out of plane?

Perhaps the best thing to do is go back to the 3DWH and download the original model again.

Yes Geo the original author is TaffGoch, i did try to modify the design but apparently i’m not doing a very good job :frowning:

Thank you TIG and Geo !

Then let’s back up a bit and start with the modifications.
Post a link to TaffGoch’s original at the 3DWH and tell us more about how you want to modify it.

Thanks so much for trying to help. This is the original file : Geodesic_Class_I_Library (1).skp (475.2 KB)

And this is what i’m trying to do from the 9v Method 1
Hexa.skp (804.9 KB)

The edges only occasionally form one planar face [white].
The blue ones need one or more subdivisions to form faces…
The edges are fine for tubular structures but not facets.

BUT if you left it with a properly triangulated mesh then they are all capable of taking facets.

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You haven’t actually explained what you’re trying to accomplish.
I gather from the models you’re trying to revert a geodesic construction comprised entirely of triangles into one comprised primarily of hexagons with a few pentagons sprinkled in.

Erasing existing edges to create the hexagons isn’t going to work.
The edges of the resulting hexagons are not coplanar.
Thus, they will not support a face.

As an alternative, you could make the edges you don’t want to see, Soft/Smooth.
The edges will still be there but the model will render the faces as one smooth surface.
Use the Eraser + Ctrl to make edges Soft Smooth.

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Eraser + Ctrl , Geo you’re a lifesaver.
Yeah i’m trying to make greenhouse model, similar to the Eden project, only smaller.

Geo it works ! I cant thank you enough !

Taff has >200 geodesic models in the 3DWH.
Perhaps you’ll find one more suitable if you browse his collections.

Here’s the link to TaffGoch at 3DWH

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I know but he’s missing a lot of domes that i wanted, and i was to lazy/dumb to learn how to make them from scratch in sketchup. Sadly he never replied to emails.
This year i built my first dome and i’m making plans for the next one :slight_smile: