How to check the incremental change between two SketchUp Files

context: We Save our Sketchup files (approx 300 Mb) on the AWS Server.

Problem: Can we compare two sketchup files and get the incremental changes so that we don’t have to save the complete file every time on AWS. Is there a approach in sketchup to do that.

Please suggest.

‘Incremental changes’ is somewhat diverse. Adding a dining table component in a room might be noticed more likely then, let’s say moving a wall for 2’’.
A 3D Model like SketchUp or other CAD format is one big pile of geometry, groups, components etc.
If you drag or change something in that pile, you never known how the pile reacts.

That is why 3D modellers cannot run on multiple threads

You can use Trimble connect and add notes with each revision.


Thanks for the perspective Mike!