How to change unit to meter as a default?

I usually click the Basic new sketchup that have “cm” as a unit measure. But I prefer to work with meter like 1.5 as a “1.5 m” instead. It’s easier for me to thing about the measure that way

What version of SketchUp are you using? In the desktop version you can select a different default template at startup by clicking the heart symbol.

You can also create your own default template with the units set as desired as well as the camera position and starting style.

I changed the sketchup version it’s Sketchup pro 2021 21.0.339.

Sorry for the inconvenience

oh, I can?! Thanks I will look it up

Make the settings you want in a new blank file. Then use Save as template in the File menu.

You should also spend some time going through the fundamentals at

I saw it the default template and changed it to “Heart” . It’s worked ! Thanks