Hi Everybody (Is there a way to set up default setting for models?)

I am hoping that someone can assist - Is there a way do a default setting for ones models? Sketchup always opens in Imperial (…how you Americans survive, I don’t know!!) whilst I only work in metric, I also always have to set font sizes for each new document. Would be very happy if there were a way to avoid this. Thank you.

Managing Units of Measurement | SketchUp Help

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Setup a new file as you see fit and then save it as a template, you can set it to be the default template so that its the basis for any new file.
My default template has:

  • 20ish Tags
  • 3 scenes
  • units/dim styles/text etc
  • Basic Enscape render settings
  • And a few other bits and bobs
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You can create your own template to start with when starting a new model.
The template has your own settings (according what is optional in SketchUp!) like units, precision, previously created scenes with tags you use regularly, … and more that can be saved in a model. The model is saved as a skp and then you select it to be used as the furure default template. Just as easy as that.

ouch!, @PaulRussam just beat me at that.

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Thank you