Change measure units

Sorry…I’m new…
I’m not able to change the default units from inches to mm.

Could you help me?

Window/Model Info/Units should give you the choice you want.

Or if you want a new model to start in mm, choose a mm template.

I’m testing the iPad version…your reply is about the win/Mac

You posted in the SketchUp Viewer category. I’ll fix that.

Your profile says MacOS. I’m sorry I didn’t realise you were talking about iOS on iPad. On a second look I see you tagged the thread as iPad.

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You should update your profile so it reads iPadOS and not macOS. macOS is for Mac, not iPad. Your profile also lists a MacBook Pro as your graphics. That’s a different computer entirely.

Next to Create New there is a dropdown menu letting you pick what unit to use for a new model. Not sure if you cm change unit for an existing model on iPad.

I put that there :expressionless:

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