How to change the sensitivity

Is there a way to move a object with more “measure sensitivity”? more subtle like moving in the range of 0,000m in this case, because the minimum distance in my model is 0,01

P.S.: I know that I can move this logo selecting the edge point and the line in the wall to place in the center of the wall but some times I just wanna move objects with very subtle “moving”

Have you tried scaling up by x 100 or even x 1000 and then scaling back down when finished?

it wont make my project heavier?

No, a model size is influence by the geometry, the textures, etc.

The size of object is of no importance. A square of 1000 m x 1000 m and a square of 1 mm x 1 mm are both made of four edges and one face, unless you delete the face to keep only the four edges.

Keep in mind that SketchUp has difficulties in closing faces when one or more of the sides is less than about 0.001 inch. However, scaling down an object will keep the closed faces intact even if some edges are smaller that the minimum.

So by scaling up, drawing, moving by the distance also scaled and then scaling the result down allows you to create very small geometries.

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Go to Model Info > Units , set Format to Decimal , Set Precision to 0.000000 . Turn off Length snapping. You should be able to move things a very small amount… I do this when modeling something that I need to be very precise …

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thanks tuna!

Your welcome.

Yes. The easiest thing is to just type the distance. If you want a thousandth of a millimeter, type that. No problem.