Cannot snap to 1 cm


If i use the ruler the minimal size i can use is 2 cm. How can i set 1cm from a border?


Please give more information. Or better, provide an example file that shows what you are trying to do.

1) Disable Length Snapping at Window > Model Info > Units

2) See this Help article: Measuring Angles and Distances to Model Precisely

3) Watch these video tutorials:

Thanks for the info, for sure i am going to to take a look at the tutorials you suggested.

I found the problem, i chose the template in meters while there is also one in mm. Now i can sketch more exact. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to switch an exisiting sketch from meters to mm so i do not have to start over ?

Yes. Go to Window>Model Info>Units and set them as desired.

You should model with a 1:1 scale (except for very small objects), so the unit doesn’t play a role/ change the model …