How to change or delete names in trimble connect?

In Trimble Connect neither right clicking on a name nor on left clicking the three dot menu brings up an option to change name nor delete files. How do I do it?
It must be a very basic question… is there any settings related to right clicking of the mouse?
Just found out that this happens in windows version on a PC (on both Chrome and Edge).
When I accessed it from iPad, I could rename and delete files from the three dot menu.
Will this be the Bug for windows version?


If you go here:

Choose a project, click on a checkbox in the left side of any model entry, then in the upper right click on the pencil icon. Does that let you edit the name?

In the three dot menu in the upper right is also a delete option.


Thanks Colin!
Just found out that the problem has been fixed overnight!
Wow! That was a quick fix!
Menu including rename, delete and more by clicking the three dot appears now in Windows PC vers. !
Thanks Sketchup!