Rename files and folders in Trimble Connect

I want to clean up my folders and files in Trimble Connect. Neither right clicking on a name nor on left clicking the three dot menu brings up an option to change name. How do I do it?


Goto instead, you will have more possibilities.

I went to, and there are indeed more options, but the logic is completely different from Windows File Explorer. I still cannot see how to re-name a folder. When I try to move a file from one folder to another, the “move here” button is only active if no destination is selected.


Selecting a folder should pop up a details panel on the right.
(Or click on the three dots and choose View Details)
you can rename a folder or file in that panel.
How many projects do you have?

I have only one project, but my folders and files in Trimble Connect are disorganized. I understand now how to rename, move and delete folders and files there.

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