How to automatically go right throught the last group inside other groups or components?

Hi. I am often losing time having to enter inside every group or component to edit the last part of it…are there any command to do this without having to lose time opening each one?

What about using Outliner Tray?

Outliner and use of tags was my thought, too.

The outliner is the best option if you have a well organized and named all the parts of your model so you can find it faster. You can also convert the parts inside of the group to components, then make a copy and paste them outside the group wherever you want, and if you need to make changes just work on those components.

Would Curic’s To Level help…?

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Another option is with “Hide Rest of Model” anabled and when in X-ray mode:
multi-double-clcik on an edge of the wanted object (deep inside the other geometry) that you wish to access for editing.
The number of double-clicks is how deep the level is that you want to reach.

Its a rough method, by far not as fast as the ‘Outliner’ but it works.

I use Curic’s To Level, makes a huge difference. Only glitch is you have to be in the top level for it to work.

Yes, I see now - that’s the glitch that I’ve been experiencing !

The first version of To Level had no options and went straight to the raw geometry.

When I want to get to the top level, I hit the escape a bunch of times (more than needed) and it surfaces like a submarine in a hurry.

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or frenetically multi click outside.

how many clicks you may say ?

Yes. yes clicks.

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OP wants to submerge to the level of the shells and lobsters, quite the opposite.

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Yes, sorry for the incomplete explanation. If the problem problem with Curic To Level is that you have to be at the top level to use it, then this is my fastest way to get there.

Got it. Some fresh air before diving again.

There’s an old plugin somewhere on Sketchucation - Backout I think - takes you to the top in one.

VBO Jump2Levels | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

VBO Back2Root | SketchUp Extension Warehouse


One thing I find very helpful is to create a shortcut for Edit > Close Group/Component command. For me it’s the Y key. Not sure whether I set it myself or whether that’s a default setting. Either way it works well.

You have to go down by clicking. There’s no other way, because each level typically involves making a decision which way to go (i.e. which component/group to open.) However, when backing out, all you have to do it tap the shortcut key a half dozen times or so and you are safely back at base.

Mastering the Outliner is absolutely essential too.

The default shortcut for going up one level is Escape… BUT only when you’re in the Select tool (shortcut: space)
When you’re in a different tool, for example the Move tool, the escape does something else: it clears the selection.