Access to levels within Nested Groups / Components

Skp Pro 18,

Is there a plug-in / extension etc… that would allow you to quickly (one or two clicks) access the inner most (or deepest) entity within a Nested group (or component)?


Are you using the native Outliner? Try Window>Outliner. It’s a hierarchical list of everything in the model, you can open components like folders and click on any object to jump to it directly in the model.

ah!!! brilliant. . (wasn’t before, i am certainly going to be using it now… smiles!

thank you!

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go grateful Endless Fix. i guess i now have a reason to name my groups properly… :wink:

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In outliner - is there a way to expand the nesting in one shot (or do you have to manually open all the arrows?)

No problem, glad there was the perfect solution already waiting in Sketchup I could turn you onto. Outliner can really help keep bigger models organized. Yes, naming groups and components is key for using the outliner. Upper right corner of the outliner is a menu option to expand all or collapse all.

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take a look at Curic To Level

Thanks Mike - I am not sure what this means? Or is there a missing picture maybe?


Everything in Outliner just says “Group”


It says ‘Group’… UNLESS you give the group a ‘name’ in Entity Info !
If it’s important to you, then give that group a ‘name’…

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Here’s an example of selecting all the columns, even the ones in back you can’t see, in one fell swoop: click, shift-click in the Outliner.

Of course it’s GIGO; it doesn’t work unless you put in the effort to name stuff.