How to adjust the <coordinates(z)> units in Layout?

I’d like to remove the ‘m’ from the below coordinats label text and also round up the decimal value to two. Is it possible to edit this or adjust the setting globally in layout?


Dimension style is grayed out btw when i select the label text.

In SU Model Info > Units > Display Units Format

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Facing another problem now.
Im unable to remove the new Tilde symbol next to it.

What’s your display precision in SketchUp ?

Is that an Autotext element in Layout ?

Is the Autotext element transparent leader precisely on the SketchUp object in question to get report the correct height ?

Changed the display precision from 0.000 to 0.00
It’s a scrapbook element that reads coordinate points with the autotext <coordinates(z)>

Yes the autotext transparent leader is on a model point in sketchup.

That 18,93 – is it mm or m.

If it’s mm then maybe your model is not to whole mm.

If it’s m then is that SU object exactly at 18,93m ?

Yes the sketchup object is at 18.934
And it’s rounding it off to 18.93.
I just want to get rid of that tilda symbol next to it.
Or the dimension should look like this:

6.40⁵ is not going to happen right now ( maybe in the future ).

You will have to adjust your precision in SketchUp to 0.000.

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Yes no way around it for now.