Layout 2022 Coordinate Help / Request

Hello everybody!

I am very excited about this z-coordinate update in layout 2022!
The issue I’m having is that I need my model units to be fractional but my autotext units to be in decimals. Is there a way to do this like you would with a dimension line?

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No. Currently the coords stick to the format as specified in the SketchUp model. Somewhat spoils it for me I always have rather high precision set up plus the correct working of Dynamic Components requires the units format display to be on, and I want neither the many decimals or the “mm” suffix to be shown as it is non-standard.

Ahhh!! Noooo! This makes this feature useless to me as elevation markers in an architectural plan should to be in decimals and not only decimals but only second or third tenth.
@SketchUpTeam please! You almost nailed it!


Yes, that’s the problem i’m having. The model units need to be set in decimals. As an architect, I need the model units to be fractional and the specific note in sketchup to be in decimals to the second or third decimal only for those pesky engineers. :wink:

Ok, cool, that fixes the precision problem I was having but now I want my model units to be in architectural.

The solution you gave requires me to change my model uits to decimal, no?

I suppose that’s a fix but then my elevation markers aren’t dynamic at that point.
Depending on the project those sometimes change depending on what datum the engineer is required to update to.

You’re totally right, This is a great work around. I just want the dynamic functionality that this alllllmost has.

Dave, he is looking for the architectural standard elevation tag that lists fractional dimension on top with the sea level decimal elevation datum below.

I agree what he wants would be ideal.

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I’d leave those Dave. Some architects do exactly what you show. It could also show folks how to verify their auto datum tag.

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Until this is developed further I will continue using my old dynamic elevation marker component that calculates the elevation value, formats it and stores it in an attribute that I can then reference with a label in LayOut. Markings on the left.

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Yes, I don’t know how “simple” this would be but if i could format an autotext box the same way that I can format dimensions with the dimension style window that would fix my quam with this new feature.