Anyway to remove the 'm' from dimensions in Layout for Sketchup?


I understand that this topic has been covered before but I was wondering if there’s any solution to this now.

As per German standards, there should not be any units (m) at the end of dimension text.

Oops, I posted this before sharing all the info. So here goes:

This is how the dimensioning of plans looks in Germany:

This is how layout dimensioning looks like:

I need to manually remove the 'm’s now from a PDF software.

I hope you Sketchup can provide a solution to this in future updates.

I hope sketchup can provide
Don’t want to sound rude… lol

This is the button to remove the units from showing

you can also check out this thread where I shared about using a scrapbook to add a dimension with a custom symbol

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If you are using Auto-Text for coordinates (example for <Coordinates(z)>), you cannot remove the units to my knowledge… but this is probably not your question

great thanks!