How to adjust height accurately using push/pull feature

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I uploaded a 2D logo with the idea of turning it 3D. I drew around the parts I wanted to extrude and can now use the push/pull feature to raise them up. How can I make sure I raise each section to the same height?

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One way is to type the extrusion distance after you start the extrusion.

Assuming the faces all have the same orientation, after you’ve extruded the first to the correct height, you should be able to double click on the other faces that need extruding and get the same height from them.

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This is really difficult. Thank you for your help.

Why is it difficult? Maybe you need to spend some time learning about the Push/Pull and other tools. See:

Some of the lines I’ve drawn have now disappeared so I need to draw them in again. What a pain!

Sadly this is the result of my efforts…

Clearly you don’t have the face orientation the same on all faces. It looks like you’ve done something else since the extrusion heights aren’t the same.

Why don’t you upload the SKP file?

You’re talking to a complete novice that struggles with even 2D Design. I don’t know what a SKP file is.

Could you please help me out with what that is?

It’s the Sketchup file containing your model.

To find it, try Save As instead of Save, and see where Sketchup has put it.

Then upload that file (seventh icon from left above where you type your post), if it is less than 3MB. If it is bigger, upload it to a file sharing site - the 3Dwarehouse, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc - and post a link to it here.

The SKP file is what you get when you save the file in SketchUp.

Since you’re new to this, you should spend some time with the basics before you get into more complicated stuff.

Thank you all for your help. I doubt I’ll use this again because I don’t have any need for it. I’ll keep searching for ways to get this done.

Thank you.

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