Resize extruded objects height

Hi there,

Literally just started out learning some Sketchup for a cabinet project I am going to do in our new home. Seemed like a legit way to pre-plan and work everything out properly.

I have a series of panels that I’ve extruded from the shapes tool, to my desired thickness. If I wanted to adjust this - for instance if I’ve changed the thickness of my materials I’m going to use - can I adjust an object the already been extruded?

I tried using the push/pull tool again but it then sets the base resize point from the current dimensions.

I hope I’ve described my problem accurately!

Do it in 2 steps.

  1. Push it back down to a single flat face.

  2. Pull it back in the thickness direction an arbitrary amount, let go of the mouse and type the thckness followed by ENTER.

Also you should group or make a component of each panel after creating it. To later edit them, double-click them to enter into their “edit context”.

Visit for tutorials

… Also, the old YouTube videos are still available …

The Push/Pull distance is the distance you want to move the face. Since you’ve already extruded the original rectangle, if you want to make the panel 1 inch taller, enter 1" after starting to pull the face up.

If you have already added a surface detail to you piece, you can also just select the elements that make up the top surface & detail and use the Move tool to raise them to the top of the new material thickness


In the example above, I used Inference Locking and referenced the top of the new material

if the item is a component you can use the scale tool and enter the thickness you want it to be and it will scale it to that size - just remember to type the measurement type (inches, feet, mm etc… symbol after the amount) to tell it to make it that specific size otherwise it will scale it by that amount.