How to achieve toon rendering



I am a beginner. I want to achieve a cartoony rendering.

Any suggestions how to achieve that? Possibly for free (no paid plugins).



Can you show an example image of the sort of style you’re after?


Something like this


or this


With the first one, use flat colors or make low contrast texture patterns and turn on Use Sun for Shading in Shadows. The second is done with some sort of rendering application.


Thanks. How do I manipulate the way the edges look? You can see that the back edges are thick, while the ones in front are not visible.


Try turning off Edges and leaving Profiles turned on and set to 2.


Thanks. Now it’s similar, except the edges are in the same color. Any way for them to have the color that the objects faces have ?


How about trying to put all the questions into one post?

You can change the color of the edges by changing the Edge color to By Material.

Maybe read this.


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