Creating an "AutoCAD" Style in SketchUp


Hi everyone! I wanted to share with you a fun style in SketchUp that resembles the AutoCAD model space, or TRON!

I have a sequence of step-by-step directions to follow and you should end up with this result!

Just right off the bat, you have to be using multiple layers and have different colors assigned to each layer to get a similar effect.

Final Result

Step 1: Start with the basic Shaded With Textures style from SketchUp and create new.

Step 2: Under the “Edge” setting in the style Edit choose all colors the same and change the color from Black (100) to White (0)

Step 3: Still under the “Edge” settings change to Color: By Material

Step 4: Under the “Face” settings change the front color to a Gray (25) Or whatever you like for darkness.

Step 5: Still under the “Face” settings change the back face to White (100) This will help you know when your model faces are oriented correctly.

Step 6: Still under the “Face” settings change the style to “Display Shaded Using All Same”

Step 7: Optional - Under the “Background” setting you can see that the background is Black (0) This happens automatically when the lines are changed to White (100) You can adjust this to your liking also.

Step 8: Under “Modeling” settings select “Color by Layer” and change Guides color to White (0)

Thanks for reading and “I’m going to have to put you on the game grid.”


Nice, but who would like that?

I have used AutoCad daily since 1986 and changed my screen colours to something more user-friendly at once when I got rid of my last CRT monitor.

Perhaps younger people feel a nostalgia to times before their birth, just as I like to listen to transcripts of old 78 rpm records that were obsolete by the time I was born.



CRT or TFT - it still illuminates the light and not just reflects surrounding light. So black background is much easier to eyes, compared with white.(agree that grey can be better due to lower contrast)

To be honest, I really love this style for how informative it is and… for black background :slight_smile: